The New Standard in Sports

Welcome to Black Ball Sports Club, the finest health and fitness club in Egypt. Founded by a group of professional athletes, sports fans, and World Champion squash player Amr Shabana, Black Ball provides you with unprecedented sports services and amenities to help you achieve all your health and fitness goals. We provide world class experiences by way of cutting-edge facilities and equipment, personalized programs by expert personal trainers and global sporting figures to improve, challenge, and inspire lives through exercise. '

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Hot off the Press
Aura's words

The Black Ball Story…………. Finaly a dream has become true ………now in Egypt a sports Facility that shall sustain the new era of Egyptian Squash Supremacy………. It all started...

Beyoot words

A WORD ABOUT BLACK BALL: After a workout at the Squash court, swimming pool or our highly equipped gym, the body would feel exhausted and tired. Getting a nice atmospher...

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